The IBM folks have turned the Blue Gene into what they claim is the worlds fastest blast engine. Interesting read. They use our A. thaliana data in the Bioinformatics Benchmark System v3 (BBS) to perform their measurement, as well as data from Aaron Darling for mpiBLAST. Our data had been in a mislabeled file for […]

Thoughts on Microsoft cluster offerings

I haven’t seen it yet. Eventually when I get more time, I want play with it, but from what I have heard it is not ready for prime time yet. That said, I would like note that the Cygwin tools are really good. I just built LAM-7.1.1 using them. Tried it out and it works […]

The difference between an architecture and a product [part 2]

More reflections on the differences between architectures and products. Beowulf and most cluster systems are architectures to be built. Many vendors attempt to freeze the architecture, or restrict variations of it in order to build a polished product. Polished products are finished. They have a finished feel to them. Someone went through and actually made […]

Of business models, and business reality

High performance computing is a tough business. Customers always want more performance. Few want to pay more for this performance. Many vendors want to serve this market but precious few are pushing more than boxes. Its easy to push boxes, and the really low end vendors, likely having been burned as suppliers of low end […]