What OSes will run on the supercomputers of the future?

This is not a simple question to answer. It likely will change a few times over the course of time. But we can be reasonably sure that their won’t be widespread installations of Irix, AIX, HP/UX and others of their ilk. There are many reasons for this, technological, legal, business, marketing, and so forth. Looking […]

HPC in the critical path

Is high performance computing a critical path technology? Is it a technology that you cannot do without? This is a question some potential partners were discussing this evening. Very interesting question. If HPC is not critical, then demand for it should be quite moderate. If it is not critical, then the market would have basically […]

Are we back to bubble-nomics again?

I know, its dangerous to Post Before Coffee (PBC) in the morning. It increases the possibility of missing critical features of an argument, and there tends to be more bloviation, stream of approximately conciousness, and so forth. I read an article this morning from the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.com site that evoked many emotions and […]

Michigan’s 21st Century Jobs Fund

Competition is in full swing. This is the first year it is (mostly) well designed to make a difference to Michigan. Kudos for the folks that resisted the pressure to make this identical to the MTTC/MLSC of prior years. You can still see echos of that pressure, but I expect this to be a very […]

significant growth in HPC markets

IDC is out with its estimated numbers, based upon 3 quarters of data, and one quarter of estimated data. The summary is amazing. 20+% CAGR for this market. It is about 9B$ (yes, that is a B meaning billion or 10^9, which is 10**9 for old timers). It is growing about 1.8B$/year at the present. […]