The coming of the "grid" (the hopefully hype-free or hype-reduced model that is)

Someone gets it. I can’t say much more now, or even point to who gets it.
Then again, with all companies and decisions comes baggage. While they get the idea, there is this little manner of the baggage they attached to their grid to fix another problem. Customers bringing application code over to their grid, are going to be in for a surprise.
Sometimes your baggage has been creatively destroyed by other newer baggage, and you have to live with that. Or you can fight it, though in some cases, this one in particular, you may be tilting at windmills.
Perceived technical superiority doesn’t matter. Just ask Microsoft if Windows is superior to Linux in every category. Of course they will answer affirmatively. Doesn’t make it true, thats just their opinion. And thats part of the reason why they push their stuff so hard. It has the effect of closing off chunk of the fastest growing market to them.
Microsoft is not dumb. They will eventually adapt.
This company needs to do the same. Come to terms, and move on. A great way to blow shareholder value is to tilt at windmills. It also is a great way to get customers who might otherwise consume your products to look long and hard at the cost of the baggage that they are being asked to pay for. That has a tendency to drive them to competitors, if they cannot get what they need at any price due to the baggage.
And thats the problem.
There is a short story written by Arthur C. Clarke of “2001 A space odyessy” fame. It is called Superiority. It is about 20 pages. It talks about how to lose a war buy bringing superior weapons to the fray.
Should be required reading. The forward to the story indicated it is, at least at MIT in one course.