MEDC update

According to the MEDC site, 505 applications were turned in for mostly commercial efforts.
505… The mind boggles. Of those 505, 139 are commercialization. Another smattering are also commercial, though hidden. Call that 150 commercial ones.
In all the previous competitions; the MLSC (Michigan Life Science Corridor), the MTTC (Michigan Tri Technology Corridor), the commercial side was given less than a serious consideration. A token gesture might be a better way to describe it.
Assuming that 10% of these commercial applications are actually good (disclosure: we have our hat in the ring, so obiviously we think at least a few have to be good) enough, thats 15 deals worth doing.
The phrase “pent up demand for capital” comes to mind. Also “what took them so long”?
There is lots of innovation and creativity here in flyover country. Lots of great ideas. Including some HPC ones in this mix (we submitted there). Though we may be biased.