Positives and negatives

Positive news: My company has been selected to present at the Michigan GCS. This is in line with what we submitted to the 21st century fund a few months ago. Also, we received notes that 2 of our applications had passed compliance screening for this. The end game of this is to ramp up an idea/project/product we have been thinking of and working on for the past several years. The market looks ready for it.
Now for the negative news: Looks like SGI isn’t augering in for a gentle landing. This looks like it is going to be a rough crash. Asset value will likely be demolished, if there are any assets left. SGI once had the best technology around, and they let management ego and screwups get in the way of building a great and sustainable business.
Hopefully the owners of the company will preserve their asset value, force a bankruptcy, and recover whatever they can out of it, before the value gets ground down to 0. Which is where its heading.