looks out the window checking for porcine shapes aloft …

Dell it seems is about to enter the market with some Opteron units. I don’t see any high flying Porcine, and while it is cold today in Michigan, some town here has not frozen over.
So what’s going on?
Seems like the simple economics of the market are testing the loyalty principal of manufacturers. You stick with your suppliers as long as possible, as good relationships can often help smooth over rough patches. Good business means good relationships. That is, until these choices and relationships start impacting your ability to sell your product.
This may yet prove to be just a negotiating point between Dell and Intel, with Dell demanding better terms. Dell may be annoyed with Intel over the Mac issue. I don’t see Dell selling too many of the cool Mac laptops. Or the cool Mac OSX running atop a Dell laptop… Retribution maybe?

2 thoughts on “looks out the window checking for porcine shapes aloft …”

  1. I think it was inevitable that Dell would start selling Opteron servers. They would only be shooting themselves in the foot by not doing so. Now only if they would make better laptops.

  2. They have been hinting at it for a few years, but never really committed. As for the laptops, I would simply like to see more with nVidia chips in there. The ATI units are annoying as far as linux drivers go (nVidia drivers are quite nice).
    What I find quite interesting is that both Dell and AMD’s stock went up on the news. That suggests the analysts were thinking “its about time.”

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