Tactics versus strategy for the HPC market

I have given the Microsoft entry into cluster computing a great deal of thought. I want to see if this is a force to be reckoned with, or something else. Will they matter in the long term? Viewed 20517 times by 4251 viewers

One of those –YARGH!!!– moments …

Imagine you have a great idea. You think about it, design it, test it, try it. You approach customers with it and they are very interested. You do the market research, find that the market is growing like banshees, build a busines plan, do all the footwork. Then you go look for capital to make […]

A cluster system from Microsoft

I had a conversation recently with two nice people from Microsoft about their (now released) WCC product. One of the people, Patrick wrote a comment (for some reason wordpress is editing it, so go to this URL: http://scalability.org/?p=59#comment-40 ) here that is worth looking at. I have been skeptical of the WCC product in that […]