21st Century update

Results are in and we did not advance. Good luck to the advancers. Update: Looking over the results, not a single advanced computing project was advanced. HPC was completely ignored which runs counter to what they said they would do. Lots of automotive bits were advanced. The message for a small HPC company located in … Read more21st Century update

21st Century (non)update

We have been patiently waiting to hear whether or not we advanced to the next round. We already know the fate of one proposal which we helped on, but was not one of our own submissions. That was discarded on a technicality, basically an index entry reporting on confidential material and color pages was not pointing to the right pages according to the report back from the compliance tester. Not screened for content, as it did not pass screening for format.

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Folks, we are getting spammed. If something gets through, please note that I want to apologise in advance and I will handle it as soon as possible. If I miss something, fire me a note.

Test drive of the 6/06 Solaris 10 part 1, installation

My experience with the 1/06 Solaris 10 was, well, less than good. I came away with the impression of a system that is very hard to install, one might say extraordinarily hard to install, with few supported systems. Video didn’t work, networking required going to an unsupported freeware site, pulling down a binary driver, and doing something akin to insmod in linux.

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