21st Century (non)update

We have been patiently waiting to hear whether or not we advanced to the next round. We already know the fate of one proposal which we helped on, but was not one of our own submissions. That was discarded on a technicality, basically an index entry reporting on confidential material and color pages was not pointing to the right pages according to the report back from the compliance tester. Not screened for content, as it did not pass screening for format.

I won’t comment much more on that.
As for our proposals, my concern is that today, 13-July is only 18 days, about 2.5 weeks, from the first interviews, including the group that I think we would be in. This is very little time to prepare and coordinate, and address the reviewer comments. The schedule indicated is
* Alternative Energy – Aug. 7-10
* Automotive Basic and Commercialization – July 31-Aug. 2
* Automotive Applied – Aug. 14-Aug. 16
* Homeland Security Basic and Applied – Aug. 1-4
* Homeland Security Commercialization – Aug. 9-11
* Life Sciences Basic and Applied – Aug. 2-4
* Life Sciences Applied – Aug. 14-17
* Life Science Commercialization – Jul. 31-Aug. 2
* Commercialization Services – Week of Aug. 7th or Aug. 14th
It would be nice if we could get at minimum an up/down indicator as to whether or not we will be presenting/interviewed. I am still hopeful that we will get it this week. If it slips into next week, they may need to revise the interview schedule, again.