Finale: Michigan's 21st century fund

I have updated a post from a while ago. Call this a rant, a vent, whatever. I am saddened that we wasted so much time on this process. This is not a mistake that will be repeated.
I like to tell people that if you design something to fail, often that is exactly what happens. Back to business.
Update: 4-Sept-2006
We aren’t the only folks to notice that something is not quite right. This has more to do with how it was constructed.
Look, if you want to create jobs, you need to have investment. This requires capital. California did it by leveraging Calpers, and spending a

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Graphics benchmarking

A friend who runs a very cool display company (true 3D volumetric displays, not spinning things), asked me to do a quick benchmark for him. As I was freshly done with some other GLperf stuff, I agreed. FWIW getting GLperf to compile on late model Linux is … well… interesting. Especially the 64bit versions. Lots of hardwired bits in the build. Annoying.

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