The best API for parallel programming is …

Loaded question. OpenMP may be the simplest to work with. MPI is not. The differences are that OpenMP is integrated as a set of compiler hints and is restricted to shared memory machines. MPI are explicit calls to user level communication routines, that handle data motion for you, you simply point at what to move. […]

Finale: Michigan’s 21st century fund

I have updated a post from a while ago. Call this a rant, a vent, whatever. I am saddened that we wasted so much time on this process. This is not a mistake that will be repeated. I like to tell people that if you design something to fail, often that is exactly what happens. […]

Thou dost protesteth too much, methinks …

I read an amusing article linked to by the fine folks over at slashdot. In the Infoworld article that slashdot points to the title sets the tone. It is entitled “Linux will get buried”. I am going to look at this from an HPC viewpoint. Viewed 24508 times by 4194 viewers

On interoperable and portable environments

or, as Chris over at asks, Why did Microsoft release C#? And what has this got to do with HPC? Quite a bit. Call it an opportunity that is currently in the state of being missed by the maker of C#. More about that in a moment. Viewed 19890 times by 3818 viewers

On bottlenecks

At BiO Jeff linked to a story from earlier this year on where the bottlenecks really are in computing. The article he linked to was posted in the American Scientist online magazine. Viewed 20551 times by 3657 viewers

Invariant under change of notation

This was the “joke” about tensors that one of my graduate school professors told us when we were trying to grok a sudden notational shift. Took some hard thinking, and then we sorta got it. Well enough to work out a problem. Hopefully to be useful in later life. Viewed 17335 times by 3570 viewers

Graphics benchmarking

A friend who runs a very cool display company (true 3D volumetric displays, not spinning things), asked me to do a quick benchmark for him. As I was freshly done with some other GLperf stuff, I agreed. FWIW getting GLperf to compile on late model Linux is … well… interesting. Especially the 64bit versions. Lots […]