I have noticed a propensity for corporate “bloggers” to somehow turn discussions around to the point where they can do a product placement, or somehow hype their own stuff. Think of things like “so the Yankees will win the series, and this is why our product X is the best”. I kid you not.

Blogging is, or can be, an expression of self. Not arguing for philosophical purity or anything like that.
I am just viewing this blogmarketing as being something akin to putting commercials in my kids DVDs. Precisely what purpose does it serve?
Could rant on more. Lets bring this one to a quick end. I see blogs from (insert your favorite OEM here) hosted on corporate sites, doing the Orwellian corporatespeak. And they provide as much marketing information as one can get from browsing the official marketing pages. And then there are the folks like Minimicrosoft, and others that tell you actually what is going on, what people are thinking.
The latter are the valuable techno-blogs, the former are entropy (unrecoverable waste heat) in the universe.