Notes about this blog

Some readers may misunderstand this blog. Blogs in general are places to get thoughts down, in a public forum, and invite discussion. Sort of an open-source idea site. Download an opinion and fork it if you like, ignore it if you wish.

It is a reflection of each person, how they view the world, and how they think, and their approach to life that filters into this stuff. Elements of personality are in there.
People who know me either appreciate my humor, or they are put off by it. Some call it snarky, some call it (and me) other things. Be that as it may, I tend to try to take a somewhat humorous and irreverant view of things. Doesn’t always come through, especially when potential competitors read and read-into things.
Such is life, and I usually try to let such things slide. I don’t like or appreciate people making things up and then accusing me of saying the thing they made up. That is a disingenuous tactic, and demeaning for the person/organization using it. It should be actively discouraged.
I don’t like editing comments, I prefer to let the record stand where it is, but if people feel insulted by something I said, that is not my intent. If someone was insulted here, by any post, please let me know. I will deal with the post and the poster.
The quality of any online experience is the sum total of the participants. Good participants make for good discussions and good readng. I intend to keep this forum this way.