Woodcrest part 2

So by now you know I ran an old binary and an old test on the Woodcrest and Opteron. I wasn’t impressed with the results, the hype was out of proportion with the reality.
Lets assume that Intel suggests we recompile our code. I pulled down a new GAMESS (the 2-2006 variant), built it with the PGI compiler, though I had to do some option tweaking, it was otherwise OK, and ran it.

Wow. Thats different …
Woodcrest 2.66 GHz: 24m 27s
Opteron 252 (2.6 GHz): 41m 49s
I like it 🙂
Now thats more along the lines I thought it should be. More details soon, learning more about this machine. Looks like it is well optimized for vector-friendly workloads.
More later on, gots lots of things in the pressure cooker, so time to play with it is short.