Slightly OT

Given the discussions on this and other web sites by biased partisans (myself included), I thought this headline (SMB Linux use on the rise) and article was interesting. Viewed 15767 times by 3356 viewers

To abstract or not to abstract: that is the question …

… Whether ’tis nobler in the developers mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous application performance, Or to take arms against a sea of development troubles And by abstraction end them? — “Bill S” on whether or not to use higher level abstractions when programming for performance. Viewed 20910 times by 3744 viewers

The market for accelerators and APUs

The PeakStream news, raising $17M in a B round was wonderful to hear about. I am happy for them, and wish them success. Recently I read that Linux Networx raised money as well. LNXI is also an interesting company. Maybe this is the harbinger of good things to come. Viewed 20568 times by 3734 viewers

APU programming made easy?

The folks over at Peakstream have some interesting ideas. Very similar to what we have been talking about and pitching for the past 4 years. Viewed 19429 times by 3661 viewers

Breaking mirror symmetry in HPC

If you are not already reading HPCWire on a regular basis, I do recommend it as one of the “must” weekly aggregation sites. They have an interesting article on the “coming” heterogeneous computing systems. Neat idea, but heterogeneous supercomputing systems are already here. Have been for a while. In massive numbers. Working on specialized HPC […]

APUs in the news

Referencing this article. When we talked to a few VC’s previously about APUs, we were asked to show that there would be demand. Kind of hard to do so in advance of the market, but we made rough estimates. Earlier this year, ClearSpeed took its reference design board and started selling it. Sure enough people […]