For a market that some claim does not exist, this is attracting lots of attention and product …

Interesting. Just like we predicted several years ago.

The winners in any APU contest will be the ones that can leverage economies of scale. At a few hundred dollars per unit, the Cell is likely to dominate due to the PS3 volume anticipated. The ATI, and if nVidia comes out with Quadro Plex in time, systems will also be quite relevant. Several thousand dollars per APU (ala current Virtex 4/Altera pricing) is a non-starter.
I like telling people that if you design something to fail, often times, it will. In this case, the pricing model of thousands per APU won’t fly. Just ask all those hundreds of millions of Itanium2/Itanium buyers that many pundits predicted, without regard for pricing considerations (Itanium2/Itanium based systems were and are unrealistically priced).