SuSE and Microsoft: as the world turns …

Ok, so the soap opera title may in fact be appropriate. When the deal was first announced, reading over the press release had me thinking that a good convergence was in order. We were seeing Microsoft finally (correctly) decide that working with Linux was a good thing for it. Then the Microsoft execs opened their […]

SC06 wrapup summary

Ok, been promising to post this, so I am going to break it up into chunks. I will report on what I saw, what I didn’t see, and what I wanted to see. Will break each of these up into posts on its own for better manageability. Viewed 15476 times by 3301 viewers

Thoughts about what support is, and what it isn’t

These thoughts are randomly coursing through my mind as I sit here waiting on the support number for HP. I purchased an HP laptop for business use about 2 years ago, and it has had a few problems. It’s a great unit: AMD64, 1 GB ram, big disk, nVidia graphics. Would love to get something […]

HPCS has chosen, and the winners are …

Cray and IBM. Congratulations to them. HPCS is about making supercomputers more productive for end users. How to leverage tremendous efficiencies, build better languages for faster, better, more accurate development. I was very impressed with Chapel. IBM’s looked like a Java derivative, as verbose and opaque as Java usually is (it is often hard to […]

That didn’t take long …

The folks at /. have linked to an open letter to the OSS community from Novell. This impacts HPC in that much of HPC is done on Linux, a large and growing fraction if you look at Top500 and other measures. Viewed 18323 times by 3711 viewers

And the FUD begins in earnest … (mostly non-HPC)

Ok, so color me amused. I knew that it would not take long, and sure enough, the “independent bloggers” doing marketing for various organizations have fired their second shot. The first one is the “Linux is too hard” meme that seems to have died the quiet death it deserved. This next one is unfortunately as […]