SC06 Day-1 part 3

Why 3 parts? Well why do two when a third is just 50% more … The universities: are out in force. Excellent stuff. If you get a chance, go by the SUNY Buffalo booth (UB booth) and pick up the MPI-HMMer page. JP and Vipin have worked hard on this code, and they deserve serious … Read moreSC06 Day-1 part 3

SC06 Day-1 part 1

First off, I missed the very thing I was most looking forward to, in large part due to getting caught up in a great BoF, run by a friend and former colleague. This was my fault, I had fully intended to have dinner with the Microsoft team. My apologies to them and to the other guests. More about this a little later.

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More SC06 blogs

Doug Eadline and Jeff Layton are blogging at ClusterMonkey. Gala happened, we missed it. Went out to dinner a little ways down the street. Solved the camera issue. I hope. Set up a place for SC06 pictures/movies on the photo site. Hopefully it will be obvious which are SC06 … Going to be there early … Read moreMore SC06 blogs

SC06 begins …

ok, so it is later tonight, officially, at the “Gala” event. The “usual crew” of bloggers will be there, as will lots of friends and colleagues from the past. Someone once told me that Supercomputing is quite incestuous: they steal … er hire from each other with abandon. It is always enjoyable to visit and see friends with new business cards, new digs, and similar stories of how company X is in the decline and Y is ascendent.

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