SC06: All registered

Picked up Jim at the airport, then made our way over. All registered. Saw lots of people already. Had some good conversations. I forgot how energy draining this is. Need to increase caloric intake.

That and coffee. Doesn’t seem to be much in the way of coffee shops down here. Need to google about for that.
The biggest “loss” from last year were the fleece sweaters. Sure, this is Florida, and we shouldn’t need sweaters … got two mugs.
We didn’t get exhibitor badges (note to self: get this next year), so we aren’t able to get into the exhibit hall until tonight’s Gala.
There also don’t appear to be many rooms/spaces to hold conversations. This is important for conferences.
Still annoyed about the MSFT overlapping with Beobash. Might have to have Jim go to Beobash and me to MSFT.
Met Patrick from MSFT, hopefully will meet a few more MSFTers. I think I saw Brian Hammond running around.
Note to self: get maps printed or sent to palm pilot … I like driving but getting lost leaving the convention center was not the most fun … and it is a long drive back here…
Resting before the Gala. Burnt through a few cards quite quickly. Not going to carry too much stuff (mistake from last years).
I did buy the tutorials CD (waa hoo!!!), and will look through them.