SC06 Day-1 part 3

Why 3 parts? Well why do two when a third is just 50% more …
The universities: are out in force. Excellent stuff. If you get a chance, go by the SUNY Buffalo booth (UB booth) and pick up the MPI-HMMer page. JP and Vipin have worked hard on this code, and they deserve serious kudos it.
Many more things to talk about, more tomorrow.
With regards to the Microsoft dinner, I do regret missing this. One of the issues with conferences is that planning has to be fluid, and often I wind up missing things I want to see because I spend all my time talking with people. I had a great lunch with a potential customer (for JackRabbit!), and got a nice sunburn. On the right side of my face. I will see if Jim/JP/Vipin can shoot a picture of it. Here I am thinking … november … eating out side … hey its warm …. not remembering that I burn really easily (darned genes…). It is funny, though I think it is going to hurt tomorrow.
Pictures in a bit. Upload speeds are terrible, and the Ray video is 450 MB long. Will upload tomorrow.