Windsprints with L. flavigularis

Taking our little L. flavigularis for a few tests. Its motherboard needs the 2.6.17 and above kernels. Used Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10) for it. Even had the latest version of the drivers we needed built in. Install was easy. The specs on the unit are incredible (initial performance data below). Built the disk arrays (ok, started the build, it takes a while). 26TB RAID6 usable before formatting. Cool. 25TB after formatting.

root@xxxxxxx:~# df -h /big
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/yyy               25T  544K   25T   1% /big

But just how fast is our little L. flavigularis?
<big-evil-grin />

While the RAID6 was building, we ran a little bonnie++. Yeah, not a great test while a RAID is building, you aren’t going to hit full performance of the unit.
Running on a single controller.

ModeTestI/O bandwidth
Sequential OutputBlock292 MB/s
Sequential OutputRewrite212 MB/s
Sequential InputBlock625 MB/s

Shipping this unit to a customer later this month. Sold our first unit yesterday, to a different customer. May have some info at SC. Let me know if you have a test you would like me to run on it (business/purchase inquiries to the day job). Will be doing some iozone soon. I want to hammer on this unit without mercy.

Note: Some folks might have noticed that I decried “blogmarketing” in the past where people wrote in misty-eyed detail about some ephermal or marginal utility technology, product, or idea that their employer had put up. Being a technical person working hands on to build something really cool, addressing what our customers tell us is a real pain point is lots of fun on the technical side. I have pointed out in emails, posts and elsewhere, that the best technology doesn’t always win though. Build a better mousetrap and the world won’t beat a path to your door. The marketeers of the world are there to control your path, and direct you to their platform, promising lower cost, better performance, ease of management, and so on. Right now I am in technical mode, trying to hone our little L. flavigularis, and teach it how to roar. As you can see, it is getting there quite nicely …
Update: Linux is supported with 2.6.17 and later kernels. I haven’t tested *BSD, but they might work, though they would need patching for modern motherboards. Windows *might* work (and if the Microsoft folks want to talk about that, they are welcome to speak to me). Solaris 10 should work, but we are not anticipating demand for this. If I am wrong, and someone wants to run/test zfs on there, please let me know.
Update 2: Running iozone now. Call me officially impressed. This is one fast critter. I will post the report later on at a different site, but as a teaser, we have been sustaining well over 1GB/s to disk with this. To cache is another matter, and quite a bit higher.