The (black) art of prediction

As this is the last day of 2006, many pundits are making bold, or in some case, ridiculous, predictions about the future. Some have even made predictions about the past, a bizarre action to be sure, but one that seems to have happened. Viewed 17440 times by 3340 viewers

Software appliances: rPath

Now that I have complained aloud about conary, which is the package management bit in rPath, let me praise the idea behind rPath. Viewed 18055 times by 3592 viewers

Legal shenanigans or not

PJ over at is often a fun read. Her commentary on the SCO case has been excellent, if not loaded with biting sarcasm and witty humor. I think that this is good, as SCO deserves the derision heaped upon it for lighting off a case that their overlords appear to have asked for, without […]

The missing windows in top500

I read this article about the state of windows machines in the top500 list of “fastest” supercomputers. Remember that Microsoft indicates that it has no interest in the top500, and given its purported strategy, that sounds like it is correct, that they shouldn’t care about “non-mainstream” supercomputers. Viewed 16907 times by 3286 viewers

Myths and hype: first of likely many articles

We have spoken to many customers as of late about storage. Apparantly there is this new high performance physical interconnect akin to the venerable and aging Fibre Channel, SCSI, and other related technologies. Its name? iSCSI. Can you tell whats wrong with this? Viewed 17909 times by 3538 viewers