Suppose you had an opportunity to get some applications (open source and otherwise) onto CCS. Which apps would you like to see? I have my own list, but I would like to hear yours. I ask as I know most apps run great on the current mainstream clusters. You know, those myriad of Linux units.

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Congratulations to IBM on their 22TF win at OSC

It seems IBM won the OSC procurement with a 22TF system. Oddly enough (really oddly enough), our bid was also 22TF in power. I would like to see the final configuration and pricing. I wonder if our bid somehow contributed to the final IBM configuration (this would be disappointing, but not terribly surprising).


Let me say this forcefully. Linux is not Redhat. Redhat packages Linux, as do others. They support it as do others. They contribute to it, as do others.
They don’t “define” it. Thats what standards bodies are for. LSB.
I keep running into all sorts of problems in getting things properly working with hardware or software that has been built around the Redhat == Linux model. Sadly, this does nothing to convince me to use more Redhat.

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Update on ECCB06

Well the conference is almost over, but I can’t stay to the end. Lots of very interesting talks and posters. Met a few people I had spoken to in the past.
The demo (e.g. from “We Say So”) a few days ago. I wound up not using the VMware instance. There were simply too many headaches in possibly using it (logistical). It is a shame. I will develop the more fully, so it is ready next time. I think the Microsoft people would like it. It would cast a number of their products in a very good light.

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