Some amazingly bad web sites

No, not a Not-Safe-For-Work variety. I just visited a web site which is used in potential customers purchase processes. They have links on this site.

Someone decided that it would be a “Good-Thing”(TM) if they set up these links to launch not one, but 2, yessirree, 2 modal dialog boxes on mouseover events. Yup. Roll over the link, and these two pop right up …
… and … you … cannot … use … the … browser … until … you … click … them …
which would be just moderately annoying (and a funny but bad design) if it wasn’t for the fact that your mouse is in the middle of a forest of links there.
Yup, thats right, you get an explosion of popups (even with popup blocking enabled …) that demand your attention.
You cannot win. Bad design is *everywhere*. Even in “Centers of Excellence.”