Update on ECCB06

Well the conference is almost over, but I can’t stay to the end. Lots of very interesting talks and posters. Met a few people I had spoken to in the past.
The demo (e.g. from “We Say So”) a few days ago. I wound up not using the VMware instance. There were simply too many headaches in possibly using it (logistical). It is a shame. I will develop the more fully, so it is ready next time. I think the Microsoft people would like it. It would cast a number of their products in a very good light.

Basically we demonstrated accelerators. We showed software, cluster, and hardware acceleration. It was (being modest) quite cool. Even the dreaded reboot (I didn’t have time to set up wireless under RHEL on the machine, as its ancient kernel needs to be patched for this to work, so I ran the networked portion in SuSE, and the local portion in RedHat) went fine. The reboot was needed due to problems getting the board to speak to the kernel.
(see next thread for a continuation of this)
All in all, I really enjoyed this conference. The content was interesting, the location was nice (about 1km from the Jordanian border, it is literally right down the street, we can see it from the hotel), right off the Red Sea. Reminds me of Southern California (not the Red Sea, but the location). The people were quite friendly (IMO) and helpful.