Jim Gray

Fox News is reporting him missing at sea. He was sailing on the west coast, in the SF Bay area.
I hope for the best, though things are not looking good.

Jim Gray is one of those few scientists who is a universalist, he has made contributions across a broad spectrum of research. Many scientists pick one sub-field, and hyper-specialize in that, creating esoterica with abandon. Dr. Gray’s contributions are broad based and deep, he appears able to work comfortably in many fields with many researchers. Reminiscent of other universalists such as Feynman.
I have read, and learned from, numerous of his publications, articles, and presentations. I found them clearly thought out and explained, well reasoned, and generally accessible.
I have never met, nor have I directly conversed with Dr. Gray. I would like to, and I hold the hope that I might get the chance to one day in the future.