Benchmarking a JackRabbit

This is a modified version of a previous posting. We agreed to rewrite this post, eliding mention of a report we had taken issue with, and why we had taken issue with it. We will report JackRabbit benchmark data as we have measured it on our original system. Updated benchmark data, run files, and so […]

P=NP and other trivia

Ok, well, not quite. But apparently the folks over at D-Wave have a quantum computer about to be shown solving a real problem. Talk about accelerated computing … Viewed 9806 times by 2177 viewers

Yet another broken RBL

Yup, as if it should surprise anyone. PBL from Somehow they decided that our mail system is not allowed to send mail. Viewed 9518 times by 1735 viewers

Post 202 transmogrified to post 209

post removed, content edited, and put at . For information on JackRabbit, see . Viewed 12723 times by 2755 viewers

Business planning

Deepak over at MNDoci links to Guy Kawasaki’s blog. I browsed through it and found this post. Basically it questions whether or not a formally constructed business plan is needed. Viewed 9572 times by 1895 viewers

Demoing Accelerated Computing

So I flew to Eilat, demostrated how a little accelerated computing worked relative to a cluster. What really got to me was how simple a demo it was. The fingers never left the hands, and all that. Viewed 10789 times by 2094 viewers

Jim Gray

Fox News is reporting him missing at sea. He was sailing on the west coast, in the SF Bay area. I hope for the best, though things are not looking good. Viewed 8232 times by 1623 viewers