Looks nice, but I still worry about memory contention

Intel announced some details on Penryn and others today. It looks like a sweet chip. The problem I am having is, if the Clovertown is memory bus bound with 4 cores (2 x 2-core chips) for a number of memory intensive workloads, won’t 8+ cores be worse?
Think of this in terms of public expenditure and return on investment. If something you are investing more money in isn’t giving you the return you want/need, doesn’t it make sense to stop throwing more money at it? Same thing with any limited consumable resource. Memory bandwidth needs to scale with the number of sockets and now with the number of cores.

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PeakStream Announces Availability of PeakStream Workstation for Microsoft Windows(R) Edition beta

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.-(Business Wire)-March 27, 2007 – PeakStream, Inc., a leading software application platform provider for the high performance computing (HPC) market, today announced its innovative PeakStream Platform(TM) is now available in beta version for Microsoft Windows.

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So I have a “new” phone. Long story, not worth going into. It runs Windows CE. My Palm Treo 650 was frustrating (PalmOS is inconsistent, and largely broken, missing important things … and it crashed … occasionally wiping out the email program and all settings). If anyone from Palm is reading this, please understand that I have every intention of avoiding your future products. For a very good reason.
This phone looked better than mine from a feature perspective. We use a VOIP service for business that mails us voicemails when they arrive. These voicemails are in WAV format.

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New JackRabbit site is up

Finally, hunkered down, did a less is more approach. See http://jackrabbit.scalableinformatics.com. Or this link. Getting content up there in bits and pieces. Working on the most requested bits, the updated benchmark reports.
Update: As I have discovered, some people are ideologically opposed to telling us who they are before they read the papers. Fair enough. Will give them incentives. Go to the links, pull them down, and if you like them and possibly buy them from Scalable (or our partners) we will provide a discount if your correct name/email/phone data is in the database.

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This is wrong, so very wrong

When you update your computer, get patches, you assume (and this may be the hard part) that the people putting out the patches respect your efforts to keep your system secure. Of course, some like checking every few weeks if your system is “genuine”. You know that they would never, ever waste your time and effort on pushing a marketing program as a patch. Never. Ever.

Windows Genuine Validation results run on my office XP pro desktop

Because it would be wrong.

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