New JackRabbit site is up

Finally, hunkered down, did a less is more approach. See Or this link. Getting content up there in bits and pieces. Working on the most requested bits, the updated benchmark reports.
Update: As I have discovered, some people are ideologically opposed to telling us who they are before they read the papers. Fair enough. Will give them incentives. Go to the links, pull them down, and if you like them and possibly buy them from Scalable (or our partners) we will provide a discount if your correct name/email/phone data is in the database.
Make your own coupon. And no, we don’t sell customer supplied data, we protect it (it never goes onto laptops) with access controls, and paranoid security.
We just want to know whom is interested in it, and why. That (not so curiously enough) helps us make better products, and focus our efforts where they add the most value.
Yup, its really that simple. We want to make a better set of products, so that you will buy more of them.