RedHat EL 5 is out

Old news by now. Looks like, apart from xfs, they fixed lots of things they needed to fix. They made the advanced version look very nice. With this, setting up JackRabbit Pack storage clusters should be pretty easy. We will still have to support xfs externally to them, but at least now they have some … Read moreRedHat EL 5 is out

JackRabbits looking through Windows …

Summary: JackRabbit officially supports Windows 2003 Server x64.
Scalable Informatics will support JackRabbits running windows.
For those not in the know, JackRabbit is a very dense, power efficient, and high performance storage system. 36 TB (yes TeraByte) raw in 5 rack units (yes, this is not a typo). We regularly measure more than 1GB/s sustained to disks. It has network pipes to push out the data as well, starting with quad Gigabit ethernet, and moving up from there to Infiniband, 10GbE, and other technologies as they stabilize.

JackRabbit running Windows 2003 x64 Server

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Like deja vu all over again …

When I installed the original Solaris 10 bits (the 6.06 bits) on a machine, I was amazed at how incredibly confused and useless the installer was. For a supposedly powerful OS to have so completely useless an installer didn’t amuse me, it frustrated me.
Keep this in mind. I am installing, or put more accurately, attempting to install, Windows 2003 x64 server.

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JackRabbits are fast critters

We received our unit back from the testers. We were interested in seeing them run the unit hard and comparing it to others in similar configs. Sadly this is not what happened. Regardless, we decided to take the unit out, play with it, understand the performance little better, then take it out to the test track and crack the throttle wide open. Let it run flat out for a bit. See what it can do.

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