Looking for needles in haystacks, and other quixotic pasttimes

I have been wanting to get CCS adoption data. It helps us understand whether this is a viable target for software development, and whether or not we want to invest limited resources in it. We had been asked previously by Microsoft to “benchmark” applications, though they seem to have missed our point about porting the […]

Spring special for the 24 TB JackRabbit

Spring is almost here … in Michigan. Its not cold enough to snow, but not warm enough for trees and plants to bloom. That means that it is time for rabbits to go forth and multiply. With this in mind, in honor of the new product offering, Scalable Informatics JackRabbit 24 TB storage systems are […]

High Performance Computing Acceleration White Paper

We worked on this white paper back at the end of December for AMD. We have significant data that goes along with it, very interesting data, that shows nicely that software and software+hardware accelerated applications can scale. The white paper is here or you can pull it from the AMD site. There are a few […]

As systems scale up, hard problems are exposed

You have a 4 node cluster. You want to share data among the nodes. Pretend it is a “desktop” machine. Fine. Setup NFS. Or Samba/CIFS. Share the data. End of story. But this doesn’t work as well when you get to 40 nodes, and starts failing badly at 400. At 4000 nodes, well, you need […]