Surface computing. I can see uses for this, in HPC and analytics, not to mention tele/remote medicine, science/engineering … Kudos to Microsoft. This should be quite cool. Viewed 15310 times by 3357 viewers

diskless …

still not behaving with Ubuntu 7.04 or 6.10. In 6.10, at least it gets the nfs-premount scripts, and then tries (and fails, due to a missing colon) the /root directory from the NFS server. Reminds me of the autoinst days of long past. Took a while to figure out how to get Irix booted diskless, […]

PXE Boot OS and configuration

Our systems install via PXE boot whenever possible. Much faster than DVD/CD, floppies and alike. I have been fighting with PXELINUX (part of the excellent SYSLINUX package of boot loaders with menus) trying to get it working the way I want it to. This is important for JackRabbit and our compute clusters. Viewed 17864 times […]


Ok, it hit me today. I know what I want, or at least in part, in a language. I do not want to write loops. I want to write something like this: Viewed 17090 times by 3436 viewers

Nail, hammer, hit hit hit …

Michael Suess over at the always interesting Thinking Parallel blog wrote a number of interesting pieces recently. I would suggest a trip over there to read some of them. I must thank him at some point for pointing to us as part of his “you are what you read” post. We aren’t on an anti-Microsoft […]

Ill-behaved web-crawlers

This is not about HPC. I look at our logs every now and then to see if we have problems which aren’t normally covered in monitoring scenarios. Looking over the web logs, I see the usual usage, and bots. Some bots have been poorly behaved, some are quite intelligent. Google’s are pretty good. Viewed 16871 […]

The story that will not go away

The Register reports that Microsoft is too busy to name Linux patents uh… yeah. This whole thing bothers me. Because it means that Microsoft is implying that anyone in HPC using Linux is a thief, stealing and using Microsoft intellectual property without paying Microsoft for the privilege. Neat strategy. “Use our stuff and we won’t […]


I like the intel compilers. The generate nice code on intel platforms. The problem is when you use them for your product, you only get good code for intel platforms. The resulting code winds up being slow in many cases on Opterons. Which is not good. Viewed 15212 times by 3403 viewers