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Have a look at this link. We have pointed out that Microsoft has had a great opportunity to a) do the right thing, b) do it in a multiplatform manner. Would make lots of customers/end users happy. Lower barriers and all that.

Unfortunately, I am not sure Microsoft quite grasps that this is why clusters are so powerful, or why Open Source is so widely used. Its all about the barriers, and getting around them. Erecting marketing based barriers to technological problems is not a long term viable solution. For example. Dot Net everywhere (via Mono on non-Windows platforms). Won’t change Microsoft adoption rates one bit. Will lower barriers to platform/technology adoption everywhere.
I bet at this time next year, nothing will have been done about it. There will be no plans. Which means the people that work around barriers will come up with their own solutions. And Microsoft will be insisting that theirs is better in light of evidence that theirs provide platform barriers, while other solutions provide access.
I would love it for them to make my prediction wrong. But I wouldn’t bet on it. I would imagine seeing airborne porcine shapes long before this happens.

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  1. Oh, yeah, one other thing. I suppose there’s a *possibility* that the Silverlight project (mini-CLR in a browser, multi-browser and multi-platform support) could give some encouragement for Redmond’s feelings about other platforms.
    But I don’t have much hope…

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