An upswell of interest in many core workstations

At my day job, we have delivered a number of dual processor workstations to customers over the years with really nice nVidia graphics. Recently, a customer bought 2 4-core workstations, really nice nVidia graphics, and 32 GB ram, with 1 TB RAID disk. Then another asked for 4-core and 8-core workstations, which we provided. Now one of our larger customers is asking for 8-core and 16-core workstations with 32 GB ram.

Having used these, I can tell you they are very peppy. They don’t feel at all like “a desktop” machine. You start builds and the machine doesn’t slow down. You launch a VM or two, and the machine doesn’t slow down.
A customer did ask us recently if we could build such a machine, and put some_large_companies_logo on it so it could get past their internal IT group. It seems that there may be a viewpoint of “don’t buy what the end user needs, buy what we want to buy” in a fair number of them. Usually this comes with a pre-negotiated purchase plan, that we are told saves them money. This is rarely the case; it is a fiction. But it is sold to the bosses, and the bosses bosses, so preservation of the fiction is important.
Well, we can’t rebrand the things with another logo, unless someone buys the company and slaps their own logo on there. Until then, ours will have the day job logo.
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