Experimental change

Turned required registration off for comments. I want to see if our spam filters will stop the spam before it gets posted. If any shows up, it will be deleted. I want this blog to be open and bidirectional. I don’t want it to become a repository for suppository advertising.
If it works, we will keep it this way. If it doesn’t we will revert to registration for comments. This has little to do with our gentle and numerous readers, it has more to do with whether or not we have the abusers appropriately fenced off.
Update: This time I really turned it off … no, honest … really … (I er um erm forgot to uncheck the box which let users comment without being logged in … go figure)

2 thoughts on “Experimental change”

  1. i’d just like to say it would be great if your whole article could make it into the rss feed instead of the first 50 words or whatever it is. you don’t have any ads so it can’t be to drive revenue through that. i find, personally, that i will more often than not skip your articles in my rss than view the whole story.
    just my 2c.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t use RSS viewers/feeds so I don’t know what people prefer. Any other thoughts? Entire articles in RSS versus not?
    Will look into what is required to do this.
    You are right on ad revenue though, we are not looking to drive it. OTOH, it helps me know if my articles are reaching viewers by whether or not they get clicked on (hence the click counters). I don’t think I get that with RSS. Could have 1 million viewers and have it only seem like the 10 that read it from this site.

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