Nice site on VCs

Have a look at TheFunded. Personally I think the current model of pitching one after another ad nausem may be inefficient. Knowing what we are getting into ahead of time with VCs is helpful.

Its a shame that there is no real disinterested systematic vetting of business plans such that we can create a more efficient market for capital, by providing well vetted/organized/thought out business plans, and a relevant group of good VCs.
When I hear complaints of too much money chasing too few deals I keep thinking that this is a problem of horizons. If your horizon extends to San Mateo in the north, and San Jose in the south, with additionally small east and west dimensions, then yes, there probably are too few deals. It is an eminently solvable problem. Simply requires extending ones horizons.
The issue I see locally is one of lack of capital. There are too many entrepreneurs chasing too little capital. Worse, there is a gentrification of this capital, most everyone around here wants to do medical devices. HPC is simply not on their radar. Hopefully storage will be, but that is another story, yet to be written.