An upswell of interest in many core workstations

At my day job, we have delivered a number of dual processor workstations to customers over the years with really nice nVidia graphics. Recently, a customer bought 2 4-core workstations, really nice nVidia graphics, and 32 GB ram, with 1 TB RAID disk. Then another asked for 4-core and 8-core workstations, which we provided. Now […]

Convergence and diversification

The market has been consolidating behind various OSes for a while. Reducing the number of ports reduces ISV costs. It reduces end user management headache. Curiously enough it also reduces the engineering costs of the relevant hardware vendors, but don’t tell a few of them that, as they still perceive value where they feel they […]

This one hurts

Working on simplifying and refactoring some Makefiles for DragonFly. Yeah, will mention what it is eventually. In the makefile, I build a bunch of perl modules. The previous version of this system had a pre-pulled set of CPAN modules, and all the bits had file system names like DBIx-SimplePerl-1.8.tar.gz Which is nice and easy to […]

Re-inventing wheels

Why does SuSE insist on re-inventing wheels that others have done a far better job of inventing? I don’t get it. Specifically I am referring to not using yum in favor of their zypper and zmd and … Viewed 8699 times by 1729 viewers

Accidental profound wisdom

Well, this might not be the most appropriate title for this. I need to explain this, but first let me point to the article/email in question. Now that I have pointed to it, I want to note that there is a deeply profound set of statements in this email, which seems to be a series […]

Just too funny

I do quite a bit of Perl programming work in support of our products. Perl is sometimes (mistakenly IMO) called a scripting language; it may have been designed to handle that in the past, but it has evolved over the decades into something far more powerful. But it also has this … well … implicit […]

The data is coming, the data is coming

I’ve been talking for the better part of the last decade about one of the more serious problems looming for HPC, and frankly for all computing. Call it a data deluge or exponential data growth, whatever you would like. At the end of the day it means that you have more data than before, and […]

Tiburon nearly ready for beta

Installer works. Load a compute node mostly automagically (one step by hand during debugging phase, could automate this trivially) with OpenSuSE 10.2 x86_64, OFED 1.2-rc4, … sets up and configures addresses, mount points, user authentication (using NIS for the moment, anything we can script should work fine, LDAP would be preferred eventually), cluster queuing, yadda […]