Tiburon nearly ready for beta

Installer works. Load a compute node mostly automagically (one step by hand during debugging phase, could automate this trivially) with OpenSuSE 10.2 x86_64, OFED 1.2-rc4, … sets up and configures addresses, mount points, user authentication (using NIS for the moment, anything we can script should work fine, LDAP would be preferred eventually), cluster queuing, yadda yadda yadda.
The goal is to enable load/configure of any OS using PXEboot, without imaging. Some folks like imaging. Some folks do not. Count me in the latter group. Also, we enable running the units diskless, booting thin OSes to run VMware atop, …

Nothing of what we are doing is tied to a particular OS. And thats an important point. You can use it to load clusters, like we do. Or use it to load desktops. Like we do. Or to boot diskless systems, like we do. Or to boot diagnostic systems. Like we do.
Thinking about where to host it. Sourceforge policies trouble me (can’t remove code), google code is still somewhat immature and has similar issues to sourceforge. May need to host it (and svn/git) here.
FWIW, it is in use at a number of customer sites.