Mostly OT from HPC: Wireless air cards

I just picked up a Verizon Wireless PCMCIA air card to go with the new Dell laptop. The HPC connection comes from this being the unit I take with me on-site. The wireless card is a PCMCIA unit, the PC5750. It is basically a PCMCIA -> USB bridge for a modem. I installed the Verizon […]

An omen, or a taste of things to come

I got an interesting letter in the mail today. It was a somewhat … well … cheesy looking letter from the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark office) indicating that a patent which was applied for 7 years ago, was finally awarded. Patent number 7,249,357 if you are interested. I won’t comment on the substance of […]

High user loads

Sorry folks, huge demand for my cycles. Has effectively stopped me from having time to write the followup bits. Will do soon. Viewed 16222 times by 3580 viewers

Oh whatta day: the fisking

Yesterday, I commented on a puff piece article on Windows CCS. Go ahead and read it, the article and the commentary. This morning, I saw a comment on this same article from John at I disagreed with John’s premise, and wrote a long article discussing this. While I respect John, I do disagree with […]

Rumor: Crosswalk is done

Robin at Storagemojo (great blog, read it religiously) says he had heard a rumor. Yeah, I should invoke the 24 hour rule. If you are at Crosswalk, and it is still going, please let him (and me) know. Viewed 16751 times by 3428 viewers

Will CCS dominate all?

John West asks this question in a short article on HPCWire. In it he posits a few things. It is worth looking into them. Viewed 18784 times by 3740 viewers

Yet another puff piece …

On windows clusters. They quote Don Becker, cluster illuminati, who made some quite pointed and correct observations. They quoted some marketing types from other organizations who don’t appear to be technical, and don’t grasp what “hard to install” actually means. Viewed 19289 times by 3927 viewers

Download 5 years of your life …

or mine as it turns out. Found this via a link from Google Scholar. I was looking for the HMMer acceleration paper, specifically to see if it had been cited, and found my thesis. The HPC connection has to do with the amount of simulation that went into the calculations. Way back in the good […]