A storage question

What would be “game changing” for you in your storage? That is, what would enable you to do things, or think of things in a completely different way if only X was true? What is X?

The reason I ask this is that in short order, the Seagate 1TB drives are going to be out. I want to know if anyone thinks that this density of drive is game changing. 1000 of these drives is 1PB. We can host that in 2.5 racks of JackRabbit.
Yeah, so you will want redundancy in there, and a few other things. Call it 3.5 racks, so we can do 3 spares per RAID card, and RAID6 per card. Would exposing 1 PB of single name space file system to clients via Infiniband (NFSoverRDMA, iSCSI, …) be game changing?
Some companies measurement/analysis instruments are pumping out 1TB per run. Get 100 instruments cranking away, and you could get 0.1 PB/week or more. Is this game changing?
More importantly, what do you think *is* game changing in high performance storage? Inquiring minds …
Please, feel free to post your thoughts.