gpt installs in OpenSuSE 10.2 … grrrrrr

Suppose you have a x86_64 box, I dunno, able to put 8+TB usable in 3U. Suppose you want to load OpenSuSE 10.2 on it. Suppose you want to keep the partitioning simple, and not do any fancy tricks to eek out another few percentage of performance, so you build your RAID6 with 2 hot spares. Now you have this big hunk-a-chunk-a disk.
Now install OpenSuSE 10.2 on it. After you are done you discover ….

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Still working on getting Tiburon out the door

in beta form. Tiburon is the open source based framework we are using to load our clusters: computing and storage, and provide modular interfaces to manage the systems. Basically if you are deploying more then 2 nodes, or two JackRabbits, you should not, ever, have to load each system and configure it. This should be automated. But done so in an intelligent manner.

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Whither X-RAID (by Apple)

We have had a number of discussions with customers on X-RAID and related systems from Apple. Apple pioneered good low cost storage. Wasn’t terribly fast, but it came in around $2-3/GB or so. Last I priced something out for a customer it was ballpark of $2.75/GB. FWIW: JackRabbit is in the low $1.x/GB.
I haven’t heard much new about X-RAID recently. Then a blog I like reading had a post about iPhone.

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