The future of HPC

Some of us have been arguing for a while that the future of HPC is aSMP (asymmetric processing) or heterogeneous processing. Others have argued that the future is massive multicore. In the aSMP world view, there are camps forming between RC (reconfigurable computing) and GPU/Cell-like computing.
Here is what is interesting. In an article just posted in HPCWire, an “anonymous” writer, whom in the past has argued the vector case strenuously, makes an extremely good analysis of the issues in front of us.

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The fat lady is about to sing

(relevance to HPC: some of the companies that effectively bankrolled this effort have been trying to leverage it against Linux, in the HPC space, and have managed to cause customers confusion. ..)
Can’t get any more cliche’ than that. /. links to an arstechnica article on SCO. Turns out the ruling knocked out any pillar of hope for thie rapidly fading company.
Their only real hope now is for a white knight. If I were on SCO’s board, I would, rather immediately, work on ousting the current management team. It is fairly obvious that they have done a “not-good” job with the owners assets. Just look at this chart from Yahoo:

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

Why do we blog, and why do we read blogs, and what does what we read and write say about who we are, what we think, and how we act? Robin at Storagemojo (great blog) talks about the nuances of corporate blogging, and shows some stuff from IBM on the policies of blogging, as well as some stuff from an informal EMC blogger.
This is interesting, and as Robin points out, the IBM policy has a particularly valuable set of guidelines. Leave it to IBM to think something through, carefully, and reasonably.

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