A petaflop here, a petaflop there, and pretty soon you are talking about real supercomputing

NSF formally announced their awards which other had hinted at over the past few weeks.
These machines will be “500x faster than todays supercomputers”. How this will occur in 5 years, is well, not know. Moore’s law (if it holds) gives us an order of magnitude in 5.5 years or so. So thats 50x faster than Moore’s law following units.

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Counter-attacking DDoS: something that works

Yesterday I told you that we were under a mail-bomb DDoS. Message rates of about 147 per minute. As our normal rate is 1-2 messages per minute, this was a 100x or more increase. Not against our normal domain name, but against one that we host. One that doesn’t have a web site. And has one email user.
Obviously the people who did this are really, terribly smart. Oh yes. (keyboard dripping with sarcasm). Going after low profile targets of marginal value is not the hallmark of a deep thinker. But lets not dwell on that, lets focus on how to defeat this.
Have a look at this:

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I don't get it … no really, I don't

Why on earth would someone launch a DDoS against us (technically a domain we host)? It is in progress right now. Main attack vector is via email/spam bots. If anyone out there wants me to gather specific data on the attack, please let me know. Pretty good logging of most things here.
According my trusty mail meter, we have repelled something like 0.2M emails in one day. Ballpark of 145 messages per minute. Seems to have started in earnest on saturday.

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When kernel module builds (and installs) go (horribly) wrong

Built a new kernel. Testing it for many things. Looks good overall, though it broke a few things when I first built it. Had to get the latest subsystem patches.
Ok. I decided to use this as “the” kernel for all we are working on. Dog-food it. Put it on my laptop as well.
(BTW: if anyone out there knows how to *force* a driver into windows, I am trying to load the AHCI driver into XP, so I can switch the system into a much faster disk mode … Dell likes loading it in ATA mode, and it is slower as a result … worse, XP refuses to load the driver when presented with it … I need to force this to happen … pointers welcome … might just have to reload XP, but I would prefer to avoid the pleasure of doing this ….)
On it goes. And the DVD which had been undetected (WTH!) was now seen.
But audio disappeared.

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