buh-dee buh-dee buh-dee … dats all folks!

(the above is an attempt at putting into text, what the character “Porky Pig” says when he wraps up a short cartoon) Apparently SCO is now, quite officially, down for the count, and the count has begun in earnest. According to PJ at Groklaw, we see Viewed 8646 times by 1812 viewers

Counter-attacking DDoS: something that works

Yesterday I told you that we were under a mail-bomb DDoS. Message rates of about 147 per minute. As our normal rate is 1-2 messages per minute, this was a 100x or more increase. Not against our normal domain name, but against one that we host. One that doesn’t have a web site. And has […]

I don’t get it … no really, I don’t

Why on earth would someone launch a DDoS against us (technically a domain we host)? It is in progress right now. Main attack vector is via email/spam bots. If anyone out there wants me to gather specific data on the attack, please let me know. Pretty good logging of most things here. According my trusty […]

Ya turns yer back fer justa minute …

[in his best Brooklyn accent] … and stuff happens. /. linked to a story on supercomputing procurement. The article is in the New York Times, and it is worth a read. Viewed 11568 times by 2066 viewers