Raw data

So here are are generating load for a JackRabbit test. A prospective partner wants to know what it can handle. Fair enough, we would like to know if we can push it to its limits. Basic test: 4-way channel bond gigabit, with NFS export. 4 client machines mounting this, all generating load via iozone. Iozone […]

IOzone out where the buffalo roam …

or something like that. Running IOzone (slightly modified to be able to run in a region far outside cache) on JackRabbit-s. 8TB raw, using a 5.5TB partition of 13 drives in a RAID6. Run is done via iozone -Ra -b /root/big.xls -n 64g -y 1g -g 1024g -q 1g As soon as it finishes, I […]

Ok, that does it

After reading this We should have know that dot-com wonderboy Mark Pincus was maturing when he sold Tribe, his social network for Burning Man attendees, to Cisco at that bastion of high value reporting, Valleywag, I am henceforce going to borrow … er … steal … er … use Amir’s idea and call HPC what […]

Panta closes, LightSpace Technology put on ice

I had not written about this two weeks ago when I learned of it, but Panta Systems, a pioneer in flexible HPC and computing systems, closed its doors. Details are sketchy, basically they were unable to find a buyer is what I have heard. They were pursuing VC money about a year ago, though I […]

The future of Cell ?

In an article today, a report noted that Sony may be trying to sell off its fabs that make the Cell BE processor. This is, to quote the article In a bid to streamline its business and get rid of some assets to free up some valuable cash, Viewed 18698 times by 3749 viewers

More comments this weekend on SCO

It turns out that others, who know far more about the law than I do (I am not a lawyer, and don’t give legal advice) are suggesting that chapter 11 is less likely. They did a similar analysis, though with more legal detail. Worth the read. The punchline is that someone may have advised them […]

Saying it out loud

Ok, I need to ask this. Was the September 10th Barcelona launch, a paper launch? I can’t seem to find any in the channel. We have customers interested in them, and yes, I can get pricing. But delivery? Or delivery dates? Hmmmmmmmmmm….. AMD, please remember my suggestion for 8 core. It shouldn’t be hard. And […]

Quote of the day … from The Inquirer

Ok, this was perfect for a sleepy wednesday … I haven’t said much about Barcelona. Yeah, it released. Yeah, I want to play with some. No, I don’t have any (big hint there AMD….) The Inquirer has an article on power, and some of the press (mis)interactions currently going on with AMD. And a little […]

Some JackRabbit-S benchmarks

Have a new JackRabbit-S unit in the lab, 5.5TB (16 drive unit, 2 allocated for OS, 1 for hot spare, RAID6 built out of remaining 13 drives). root@jr1:/local# bonnie++ -u root -d . -f Version 1.03 ——Sequential Output—— –Sequential Input- –Random- -Per Chr- –Block– -Rewrite- -Per Chr- –Block– –Seeks– Machine Size K/sec %CP K/sec %CP […]