Ok, that does it

After reading this

We should have know that dot-com wonderboy Mark Pincus was maturing when he sold Tribe, his social network for Burning Man attendees, to Cisco

at that bastion of high value reporting, Valleywag, I am henceforce going to borrow … er … steal … er … use Amir’s idea and call HPC what it really is. Social (and physical) networking for highly autistic AI Processing elements. Yeah, they are highly focused. On computing. And networking. Need a name for this.

I know, SNAP. Yeah. There we go. And a logo.

SNAP logo

Social Networking for autistic Artificial intelligent Processors.
Yeah baby!
We can say “I’ve snapped, have you?” …

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  1. Originally I had intended artifical autism to mean highly special purpose recognition algorithms. I now recognize a more appropritate definiition may be when Computer Scientists pretend to be Chemists at Burning Man the result is “artifical autism.”

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