Diskless SuSE, success at last

SuSE has been resisting me running it diskless. Actively resisting. The end result was that I had to build a custom kernel (we are using/supporting right now), making sure to build nfs, and networking in, and not as modules. What I learned was that even if you think you have built everything, you could […]

Source of amusement for a monday evening

Update 24-Dev-2007: One of the site owner listed below contacted me and asked me to remove their personal information which was contained in the site registration. I complied. I have not checked whether or not their system is still an attack host. It is very important that people with good intentions protect their systems before […]

reading an interesting book, and an interesting site

“The education of an accidental CEO”. Very interesting read. It turns out a number of the folks whom have written about their experience running companies, all talk about the “gut feeling” about things. People, partners, etc. Viewed 14999 times by 3374 viewers

When bad people/bots attack

In some of our logs, we come across some of the more interesting things people try to jam into our forms. The examples below have some, well, interesting aspects to them. Viewed 16920 times by 3780 viewers

Duct tape, baling wire, and sealing wax

None of the above were used in DragonFly, though sometimes, sometimes, it feels like it. DragonFly launched its first job this morning at 2am. 11 hours before the demo. Nah, thats not cutting it close … not at all. The job is the same ptb.exe job from before. On 4 cpus, with 100000 iterations (the […]

The power of good tools

Ok, sort of another minor DragonFly milestone … except that no code in DragonFly has changed. Previously, we pulled our job description from a file, and used it to create the job for us. Now, without changing a single line in the code, we have done this: Viewed 16797 times by 3525 viewers

And yet another learning moment

No, won’t get into detail. Sometimes in the course of business you realize that the people speaking to you have expectations that are entirely out of alignment with yours. After spending months in a careful and cautious dance to make sure that they are in fact in alignment. I learned a great deal today. Saddened […]

DragonFly milestone

A long time ago, on a computer not so far away, we built a program called “SICE”. Yeah, I am not known for naming things well. SICE’s entire purpose in life was to be a user centric interface to HPC systems. When users wanted to run jobs, they filled out a web form that described […]