Ubuntu kernels: is anyone paying attention???

I have noticed this now on my laptop, on JackRabbit, on a few other systems. The Ubuntu kernels are thrashing with context switches. 4000-5000 or so per second, and fast machines are rendered sluggish.
So we build our own. Did that for Ubuntu thus far, and it has been good. Context switches per second down around 100 or so at idle. Where they should be.

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Wherefore art thou, oh Socket 1207/771 CPU cooler?

It seems that the choice in CPU cooling solutions for these two sockets (Opteron/Xeon) is slim at best. I guess they aren’t volume sellers.
What I don’t get is why the powers that be sought to invent yet-another-new-cooling-solution-requirement that does a good job of fragmenting the market, and insuring limited supply of reasonable cooling systems.

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Ohio Linux Fest

I was down at OLF with a JackRabbit and a Pegasus workstation. The rest of the booths had filled up, so they placed us near the coffee. Lets see, coffee, IT people … Hmmm…. They musta liked us !
Some friends helped out getting the mini booth up. I put out some pens, 150 JackRabbit pages (couldn’t possibly burn through those, right? I figured we would get rid of 20 or so at best).
Was I wrong.

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MPI Class

I taught the first half of an MPI class for a university last friday. It was fun, I showed them how to engineer an application for maximum scalability, as well as how to do basic message passing. There isn’t a great deal we can do in a single day, but I did start to get … Read moreMPI Class