reading an interesting book, and an interesting site

“The education of an accidental CEO”. Very interesting read. It turns out a number of the folks whom have written about their experience running companies, all talk about the “gut feeling” about things. People, partners, etc.

I had some “gut feelings” about some stuff I won’t get into, and I found myself not following them. This was a mistake. Past times when I did “follow my gut” I wasn’t lead astray.
Part of running a company, of any size, is on-the-job training. Adapting to situations and overcoming. And trusting your instincts, and gut feelings. I am not going to ignore that again.
Might save a few months, and some capital.
Other things I have noticed have included the site called the Funded. Very interesting reading. VC’s claim people are just grousing there, but sadly, I find that my experiences talking/pitching seem to match up well with others. Not necessarily the “over the top” fanboi posts.
Regardless, the Funded is a good read, highly recommended for anyone actively in pursuit of capital, or running a small company and thinking about capital.