Vote for your favorite HPC technologies at HPCwire

[to vote, go to this link ]
I received this email from HPCwire:

Every year HPCwire asks our readership to decide which are the most innovative and successful organizations, products and programs in the HPC industry. It’s time to cast your ballot and make your voice heard!
Monday, October 15th at 5pm PDT is your last opportunity to get your vote in. Don’t let this year go by without letting the HPC industry know who you think is doing it right!

You know, we happen to have this terrific high performance storage system, that generates incredible performance at a highly aggressive price … If you think it is worth spending some electrons/clock cycles on, please go to their link and vote. If you like what you may have read about JackRabbit here or elsewhere, please, by all means, let them know. ~6-800 MB/s in RAID6 with 8TB under $9k isn’t too shabby. Some of the best performance, never mind price performance, around.