SC07: the nightlife

So I had two events to attend, overlapping of course (of course). Beobash and a dinner with Microsoft. John and I got to Beobash and I spoke with Chris Samuel of VPAC and some associates from Australia. Doug Eadline interviewed me (and I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what I was going to say, so it came out rather funny sounding, sorry Doug). I spoke with lots of good people. This is an interesting group.

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at SC07 next week

Won’t live-blog, but I will try to snap pictures, get some video, and other things. Will report on neat new things. Maybe some neat old things. Hopefully will see many old friends, and make some new ones. Much to do, much to do …

DragonFly update

Here are a few screenshots. Too tired to make thumbnails. Login Projects Add Project Jobs Project Users Wizard Apps The web system is fully db centric now. Finishing up the utilities. Hopefully they will be done before SC07. The Mercurial repository is up if you want to see what we are up to (and look … Read moreDragonFly update

When Perl modules go bad

There is a name for my pain and it is WWW::Mechanize. This module is a complex little bit which allows Perl code to programmatically load and interact with web sites. Of course it doesn’t have a built in JavaScript engine or anything else like that, but it is supposed to be used for unit testing.
That is, provided it works. Which, on many machines and systems I have tried, it simply does not.

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