SC07: what I saw so far

Lots of stuff. Some of it pretty nice. Still lots of “me-too” products. The usual suspects are there.
Evergrid is neat. Yeah, there I said it. It is neat. Vipin suggested I look at it and I did. Did I mention it is neat?

Lots of RAID cards/storage companies all showing off 5+ GB/s to hundreds of disks. Live on the floor. Running IOmeter (hmmmm).
Mellanox showed off some nice new 10GbE cards.
I liked the Arasta (sp?) 48 port 10GbE switches. Wow!
Accelerators are HUGE. I mean, everywhere. The winners are GPU and some FPGA. No one else has enough mindshare to be viable. IBM will push Cell, but your choices are between several 10k$ boxes/cards, as compared to nVidia cards at $1k or so. Multiple customers have said good things about Cuda, and not so nice things about the CTM.
I regret that we were never able to convince the VCs that this was going to be the case (accelerators) We were right, in spades.